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fire extinguishers

At Melisam we manufacture fire extinguishers of different types and capacities in line with the highest quality standards. Chemical powder – Water – AFFF – CO2 – HCFC – Class K.

Fixed Installations

Our Fixed Protection Networks Engineering Department designs, rates and implements Fire Detection and/or Suppression Systems.

Fire Extinguishers Recharge

We also manufacture equipment and devices that cater for all extinguisher recharge and maintenance shops.

About us

At Melisam we offer comprehensive fire protection and suppression engineering, equipment and service solutions. Present in the market for more than 30 years, we have a vast dealership network both in Argentina and abroad.(read more)


Melisam is a family – owned business specialized in the manufacture, supply and installation of fire protection systems. With the support of our own technical consultants and skilled staff, we are committed to total customer satisfaction. We avail of competent human resources, who are dedicated to providing quality service, and to continual improvement.(read more)


We want to be market leaders in the provision of fire protection systems in Argentina, and to be present throughout Latin America with our dealership network, in addition to extending our reach to other continents(read more)


Our Quality Management system is UL-listed as compliant with ISO 9000:2008.(read more)